Our vision

Humans have created greatness. We have built impressive structures, cured deadly diseases, and developed unthinkable ways to travel the world — all at a cost. If we want to continue to create greatness, we must change our ways of living. SustainX wants to ensure that you can still create greatness without straining the planet’s resources – because your business is our future.

Everyone has a responsibility to consider the consequences of their way of living, producing, and consuming. At SustainX, it is our responsibility to provide you with the knowledge, tools, and guidance to create greatness with a small impact on the planet. We truly believe that sustainability is not just good for the planet; it is also good for business.

Green Transition

Changing our ways of living also includes changing the way we do business.

SustainX challenges the traditional business model which is based on the assumptions: If you have a demand and you are able to meet it with the right quality at the right price, you will experience growth.

Instead, the Green Transition is gaining momentum, and rightly so. With the green transition, we are moving towards sustainable development where the business practice should meet commercial and financial interest, while also being compliant with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance).

Growth Quality Demand Cost
Sustainable development Financial Commercial ESG

We help all Danish SMEs

With this responsibility comes a mission. SustainX’s mission is to help all Danish SMEs towards more sustainable production. Our aim is 1% improvement every day. The goal is to ensure our planet’s resources, but also companies’ survival, Danish jobs, and our Danish competitiveness on the international stage.

It is hard to take the first step, confusing to know which direction to go, and it requires long-term planning. That is why a Sustainability Manager from SustainX is onboard from the planning stage to the implementation and evaluation stages.

We are not just standing outside your window, pointing you in a direction. We are allocated a desk and join your Friday bar. We get to know every detail necessary to make sure you meet your targets.

Our mission is to make a difference and reduce CO2 footprints, and we know that pointing and talking is not the way to create impact. When we become part of your business, there are no longer “your goals” and “SustainX goals”. We see the journey as a partnership in which we are just as motivated to succeed as you are.