The Team

We are not only part of the SustainX team. We are part of a movement to transform Danish SMEs. With various backgrounds, we all have one common mission to ensure a sustainable future for all generations.

When a Sustainability Manager becomes part of your team, they have all the support and knowledge they can get from our ‘Sustainers’ below.  

Meet the Team


Founder & Head of Sustainability Management
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Together with Kristian Danielsen, Line founded SustainX in 2020 with a vision of raising the sustainability bar in the Danish production industry. Line left her former job at  the Carlsberg Group – where she was spearheading the sustainable transition towards a better food and beverage industry. She vowed to take advantage of her experience, management skills, and industry knowledge to make the world a better place.

At SustainX, Line manages the Sustainability department and supports you with your business’ sustainable transition. Furthermore, Line has developed our Sustainability Framework, which is SustainX’s guiding torch in implementing sustainable solutions in your company.

Line is a world-class Sustainability Manager with practical experience and the theoretical toolbox to create and drive change. With her work experience and an academic background in Manufacturing Engineering and Management from the University of Southern Denmark (SDU).


Founder & Head of Project Management
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Together with Line Amtorp Poulsen, Kristian founded SustainX in 2020 with the vision of raising the sustainability bar in the Danish production industry. As a technical advisor within the energy industry, Kristian is driven by making sustainable transitions where it matters. With a background in the wind turbine industry and as a First Lieutenant in the Danish Air Force, he brings a lot of industry knowledge and experience into play when pursuing a greener future.

At SustainX, Kristian manages external projects and shares his knowledge with our Momentum Wind Network, and ensures that SustainX is on the path to realize our mission.

With an academic background in Engineering and Technology Based Business Development, Kristian is passionate about sharing his knowledge, with you, in our Sustainability Networks, and as an external lecturer at Aarhus University, preparing future minds to engage in the green transition.

Kristian’s fascination with technology and sustainability is the primary driver for him to seek out new knowledge and develop his expertise.


Sustainability Manager
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Line is a technical sustainability nerd with a genuine understanding of industrial processes and sustainability implementation strategies.

With experience from food and heavy industries, Line masters data collection, methodologies, climate accounting and quality assessment to ensure sustainability compliance across the entire supply chain.

She holds an M.Sc. in Food Technology from DTU and a B.s in chemistry from SDU. Line specializes in chemistry, technology, and sustainability, which she utilizes when supporting your climate strategy.

Line is one of SustainX’s Sustainability Managers. Her workstreams are focused on technical innovation and the green transition of Danish SMEs.


Sustainability Consultant
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Niels is passionate about creating sustainable design strategies and holds a BSc in Integrated Design from SDU. Next to his work at SustainX, he is currently pursuing an MSc in Sustainable Design at Aalborg University to develop a broader skill set in realizing a sustainable future.

At SustainX, Niels utilizes his sustainability knowledge in our research projects and consults on several sustainability projects. Furthermore, he assists in product development and supports our workshops.

Niels especially enjoys sustainability and the complexity of the global challenges that lie ahead when rethinking product development and design.


Sustainability Consultant
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Mie is a sustainability enthusiast bridging experience from academia, consulting the private sector, and political endeavors. With the belief that sustainability should be achieved in partnerships, Mie founded the network: Sustainability Change Makers. By the Danish Ministry of Climate, Mie is appointed Member of the Youth Climate Council

At SustainX, Mie is facilitating Sustainability Networks with an emphasis on circular economy workstreams. Mie is responsible for our Sustainability Education, which encompasses courses on the SDGs, Climate Accounting, and counting. Furthermore, Mie oversees internal and external communication activities. 

Mie holds an MSc in International Business and Politics from Copenhagen Business School with a minor in Circular Economy. Her Master Thesis was made in collaboration with the Kalundborg Symbiosis and the Nordic Circular Hubs network. 



Sustainability Manager
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Anne-Freja holds a M.Sc. in Environmental Anthropology and has a strong passion for implementing sustainable strategies that channel actual and palpable change by incorporating culture and technology as equal partners on the path toward our goals

At SustainX, Anne-Freja facilitates our Sustainability Networks, supports your sustainable business development, and drives successful change management as a Sustainability Manager.

Anne-Freja has specialized in understanding how humans interact with the environment and always operates with the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit. With experience from international fieldwork and the Technical and Environmental Administration of Copenhagen, Anne-Freja has worked with climate and the environment in cultural frameworks, environmental protection, data collection, business development, and qualitative research.


Sustainability Consultant
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Anne-Sofie holds a MSc in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science from Lund University with a specialty in the interaction between cultural, economic, environmental, political, and social dimensions of sustainability at different scales and levels. Anne-Sofie has a special focus on sustainability paradigms and how they frame and limit the solutions we find, and has worked with solution trade-offs (such as the water-energy-food nexus), behavioral change in the green transition and sustainability science assessment tools.

At SustainX, Anne-Sofie works as a sustainability consultant calculating GHG baselining and prepare emission reduction initiatives. Furthermore, she conducts ESG analyses and develops CSR initiatives and reporting. In addition, she is one of the facilitators of our Sustainability Networks, leading workstreams on Science Based Targets and The Sustainable Development Goals.


Sustainability Consultant, PhD
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Sustainability is a keyword for Maria. For her Ph.D. research at DTU, she developed an indicator-based sustainability assessment approach for early-stage circular economy development in the manufacturing industry.

At SustainX, Maria calculates your GHG emission and life cycle assessment of products, services, and activities. She also develops roadmaps and guides sustainability improvements. Finally, Maria sets your sustainability baseline and valuable key performance indicators.

Her passion lies in driving organizational change and co-developing sustainable solutions. In her approach to working with sustainability, she follows the motto, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”


PR & Communications Coordinator
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Josefine is passionate about sustainable development and a fighter for a greener future.

At SustainX, Josefine contributes to the company’s commercial development – including communication tasks such as website, PR, and SoMe. Furthermore, she assists in developing teaching materials for customers and the development of our Sustainability Networks.

Next year, she graduates from Copenhagen Business School with an MSc. in Business Administration and Organizational Communication with a Minor in Circular Economy. The opportunity to work while studying lets her bring the newest knowledge in the field into play.

She truly believes that everyone can benefit from a green transition and that organizations operating with a conscious mindset will experience greater success in the future.



Technical Project Manager
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Hans Christian has experience within a wide range of business philosophies and is deeply motivated to work with project management and energy utilization.

At SustainX, Hans Christian conducts workshops to help drive innovation and business development in your company. This includes knowledge and experience with various tools, e.g., BMC, BPM, Impact/Effort Matrix, and more. Furthermore, he supports our Senior Project Managers with their projects and daily tasks.
Hans Christian is a soon-to-be graduate in Global Management & Manufacturing Engineering from Aarhus University.

The synergy between working while studying lets him bring the newest knowledge into play and approaches a project with an open mindset.



Technical Project Manager
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Dana is a sustainability Advocate with a big A. For the past ten years, she has taken part in cross-national projects within climate change mitigation, food security, ecology, and water & sanitation. She has experience in realizing projects at NGOs, national initiatives, and in the private sector.

At SustainX, Dana is a Technical Project Manager working within various industries and ensures that your projects are successful. Her main areas of focus are within R&D and Process Optimization projects of engineering businesses.

Dana has an academic background in Social and Environmental Sciences, including an interdisciplinary master’s degree in Human Security.