The Team

We are not only part of the SustainX team. We are part of a movement to transform Danish SMEs. With various backgrounds, we all have one common mission to ensure a sustainable future for all generations.

When a Sustainability Manager becomes part of your team, they have all the support and knowledge they can get from our ‘Sustainers’ below.  

Meet the Team

Line Amtorp Poulsen

Founder & Head of Sustainability
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Together with Kristian Danielsen, Line founded SustainX in 2020 with a vision of raising the sustainability bar in the Danish production industry. Line left her former job at  the Carlsberg Group – where she was spearheading the sustainable transition towards a better food and beverage industry. She vowed to take advantage of her experience, management skills, and industry knowledge to make the world a better place.

At SustainX, Line manages the Sustainability department and supports you with your business’ sustainable transition. Furthermore, Line has developed our Sustainability Framework, which is SustainX’s guiding torch in implementing sustainable solutions in your company.

Line is a world-class Sustainability Manager with practical experience and the theoretical toolbox to create and drive change. With her work experience and an academic background in Manufacturing Engineering and Management from the University of Southern Denmark (SDU).

Anniversary donations

Oct 2021
1 Year

For my anniversary, I would like to support The Ocean Cleanup.
The ocean is the biggest habitat on earth, covering 71% of the surface, making it an important habitat in our ecosystem.

The Ocean Cleanup project is a non-profit organization developing technologies to eliminate all the plastic, which continues to impact ecosystems, health, and economies. Their goal is cleaning up 90% of the floating ocean plastic pollution, and I would very much like to support this work with my donation.

Kristian Danielsen

Founder & Head of Project Management
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Together with Line Amtorp Poulsen, Kristian founded SustainX in 2020 with the vision of raising the sustainability bar in the Danish production industry. As a technical advisor within the energy industry, Kristian is driven by making sustainable transitions where it matters. With a background in the wind turbine industry and as a First Lieutenant in the Danish Air Force, he brings a lot of industry knowledge and experience into play when pursuing a greener future.

At SustainX, Kristian manages external projects and shares his knowledge with our Momentum Wind Network, and ensures that SustainX is on the path to realize our mission.

With an academic background in Engineering and Technology Based Business Development, Kristian is passionate about sharing his knowledge, with you, in our Sustainability Networks, and as an external lecturer at Aarhus University, preparing future minds to engage in the green transition.

Kristian’s fascination with technology and sustainability is the primary driver for him to seek out new knowledge and develop his expertise.

Anniversary donations

Jun 2021
1 Year
Green Peace

They are a credible NGO that has shown integrity, courage, and the ability to create a better world for many years. I have the utmost respect for Green Peace and their staff’s work. Their persistence and commitment to a global agenda are remarkable.

Adis Suhonjic

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Adis has a personal drive to develop and create success. Apart from handling the daily operation and administration of SustainX, Adis also assists with strategic sparring and business development – ensuring that we can make our vision come to life.

With a master’s degree in accounting from Aarhus University, Adis has much experience with accounting and financial management and has earlier driven his own company helping start-ups succeed. SustainX being one of them.

Mie Skjodt

Department Manager, CPH
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Mie is a sustainability enthusiast bridging experience from academia, consulting the private sector, and political endeavors. With the belief that sustainability should be achieved in partnerships, Mie founded the network: Sustainability Change Makers. By the Danish Ministry of Climate, Mie is appointed Member of the Youth Climate Council

As Department Manager at SustainX, Mie is responsible for our Copenhagen Office and oversees internal and external communication activities. She is also facilitating our Sustainability Networks with an emphasis on circular economy workstreams. And lastly, Mie is developing our Sustainability Education, which encompasses courses on the SDGs, Climate Accounting, and counting.

Mie holds an MSc in International Business and Politics from Copenhagen Business School with a minor in Circular Economy. Her Master Thesis was made in collaboration with the Kalundborg Symbiosis and the Nordic Circular Hubs network. 


Anniversary donations

Dec 2021
1 Year

Key to transitioning into a more sustainable future is more wild nature and less monoculture. The Danish Society for Nature Conservation is purchasing back nature from agriculture one m2 at a time. Growing up in a Danish national park (Mols Bjerge), this is, for me, a tangible way to contribute to a sustainable change. I often have the pleasure of physically visiting and enjoying the natural forest and meadows conserved by this association, which are rich in biological diversity. Preserving nature is important.

Maria Kravchenko

Sustainability Consultant, PhD
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Sustainability is a keyword for Maria. For her Ph.D. research at DTU, she developed an indicator-based sustainability assessment approach for early-stage circular economy development in the manufacturing industry.

At SustainX, Maria calculates your GHG emission and life cycle assessment of products, services, and activities. She also develops roadmaps and guides sustainability improvements. Finally, Maria sets your sustainability baseline and valuable key performance indicators.

Her passion lies in driving organizational change and co-developing sustainable solutions. In her approach to working with sustainability, she follows the motto, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

Sami El-Daoud

Technical Project Manager
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At SustainX, Sami is primarily handling project management, governance, and execution. With trust in people and respect for the individual, Sami focuses on creating an effective and cohesive team based on solid communication where understanding the path to a common goal is paramount. Usually, you will find Sami at our partners’ location, bringing the project to success, but sometimes he can be spotted at our Head Quarters in Horsens.

Sami holds a BA in International Business Communication and Arabic from Aarhus University and a diploma in Management and Military Studies from The Royal Danish Defense College. As an experienced officer in the Danish Army and project manager, Sami thrives in complex project environments where multiple operational areas need to collaborate as a team and work towards a common objective or solution. Apart from structured project execution, Sami’s skillset is particularly strong in governance, stakeholder management, and internal and external communication.

Tenna Viid Jørgensen

People & Culture Lead
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At SustainX, Tenna designs and executes HR strategies across our organization at both office locations. With a great passion for providing the foundation for human beings to thrive, she supports a healthy culture and facilitates initiatives in collaboration with the team. Tenna is also the driving force on our mission to implement a 4-day workweek by 2023

Tenna holds a Cand. Merc. in Human Resource Management from Copenhagen Business School and has previously worked within the HR field at Coop and Copenhagen Airport.

With a strong belief that “inner sustainability” goes hand in hand with “outer sustainability”, Tenna’s goal is to contribute to more sustainable ways of working. If we want to succeed with the national mission of cutting 70% of Denmark’s emissions, Tenna is convinced that Danish SMEs hold great potential. However, a green transition might be a complex and challenging process. Therefore, she is very much driven to support the SustainX family in our work to bring more sustainability into Danish SMEs.

Christian Sparre

Sustainability Consultant
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As Junior Sustainability Consultant, Christian makes CO2 Baselines, reduces companies’ footprints and indirect emissions, and helps with internal business development.

Christian holds a BEng. in Global Management and Manufacturing from the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Operations Management.

Christian is passionate about accelerating sustainable change in Danish production companies by developing the tools to create transparency in a complex reality. He believes that by ensuring real reductions and making sustainability a competitive parameter, both climate and businesses will win by taking the lead.

Anne-Sofie Petersen

Sustainability Consultant
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Anne-Sofie holds a MSc in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science from Lund University with a specialty in the interaction between cultural, economic, environmental, political, and social dimensions of sustainability at different scales and levels. Anne-Sofie has a special focus on sustainability paradigms and how they frame and limit the solutions we find, and has worked with solution trade-offs (such as the water-energy-food nexus), behavioral change in the green transition and sustainability science assessment tools.

At SustainX, Anne-Sofie works as a sustainability consultant calculating GHG baselining and prepare emission reduction initiatives. Furthermore, she conducts ESG analyses and develops CSR initiatives and reporting. In addition, she is one of the facilitators of our Sustainability Networks, leading workstreams on Science Based Targets and The Sustainable Development Goals.

Anniversary donations

Sep 2021
1 Year

Living in Norway, nature is a big part of my daily life. It is essential to protect nature and the environment so that human activity does not exceed the tolerance limits of our planet. Right now, the Arctic is especially vulnerable. A step in the right direction is to stop using fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas. That is why I have chosen to support Norges Naturvernforbund.

Niels Jahn

Sustainability Consultant
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Niels is passionate about creating sustainable design strategies and holds a BSc in Integrated Design from SDU. Next to his work at SustainX, he is currently pursuing an MSc in Sustainable Design at Aalborg University to develop a broader skill set in realizing a sustainable future.

At SustainX, Niels utilizes his sustainability knowledge in our research projects and consults on several sustainability projects. Furthermore, he assists in product development and supports our workshops.

Niels especially enjoys sustainability and the complexity of the global challenges that lie ahead when rethinking product development and design.

Anniversary donations

Nov 2021
1 Year

For my anniversary, I chose to reach out a helping hand to a region of much climate stress. Brazil’s nature is unique, and the magnitude of the rainforest and the ecological system affect us all. It is devastating to watch the deforestation, pushed by consumerism and nations’ BNP ambition. The policies in play have not been sufficient to protect this delicate ecosystem. Some have even worked against it, as seen in Brazil’s national politics and our very own participation in the Mercosur trade agreement. 40 tress is not a lot in a global climate crisis, but at least a small pay-back of what we have taken.

Maja Dalgaard Pøhler

Academy Associate
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With a great passion for learning and human dynamics, Maja supports the development of our SustainX Academy. This includes facilitating workshops, developing learning material, and strengthening facilitation skills.

Maja holds a Master’s degree in psychology, pedagogics, and learning studies from Roskilde University. Since finishing her studies in 2016, Maja has worked as a consultant, focusing on facilitation, project management, learning, and SDGs.

Personally, her mission is to convert knowledge into action within the sustainability agenda. This has also led her to start a podcast series with her better half about integrating more sustainability in her personal and work life.

Maja strongly believes that clear communication and good involvement is the way forward – and that is always in focus when she is facilitating processes.

Marie Marvel Olofsen

Senior Sustainability Consultant
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At SustainX, Marie helps with the development of the Sustainability Management department and supports Danish SMEs with their green transitions.

Marie holds an MSc in interaction design focusing on human-centered design from IT-Universitetet i København. For the past years, Marie has gained increased interest in planet-centered design and regenerative mindset and approaches, which she considers the next best move for humans and the planet.

With a passion for design and sustainability, Marie has always found motivation when she plays a part in something bigger than herself and engages in a movement. To her, it is important that what she does has the potential of creating sustainable change and impacting lives for the better.

As a partner of Ladies First Network, Marie has spent a large part of her career working with equality and feminism, which still plays a significant role in her life. Still, her focus also includes creating a sustainable and regenerative future. She argues that those two things – equality and regeneration – go hand in hand.

Marie is driven by the hope that what we change today will enable future children to grow up in a world where they don’t have to face massive climate changes like the ones currently happening and predicted. From her experience working with entrepreneurs and C25 companies, Marie sees great, unlocked potential for SMEs to play an essential part in the green transition.

Besides supporting SMEs with their green transition, Marie is also the Director of One Life Foundation, supporting socio-economic entrepreneurs. On top of that, she offers her knowledge and experience as a board member of I Tråd Med Verden.

Kristoffer Nielsen

Sustainability Project Manager
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With a degree in Business Development Engineering (BSc) from Aarhus University, Kristoffer supports SustainX’s Business Development projects. From his interdisciplinary engineering degree, Kristoffer aims towards value creation throughout product- and service development combining classic engineering areas with mercantile.

Kristoffer is driven by value creation through technology-based and sustainable solutions, viewing technological projects from a holistic perspective. He strongly believes in challenging the traditional way of doing business and sees much potential for companies to integrate green solutions.

Besides challenging the traditional business model, Kristoffer also possesses entrepreneurial flair and co-founded LOCKED Escape Room in 2018.

Josefine Dyrup Berthelsen

PR & Communications Coordinator
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Josefine is passionate about sustainable development and a fighter for a greener future.

At SustainX, Josefine contributes to the company’s commercial development – including communication tasks such as website, PR, and SoMe. Furthermore, she assists in developing teaching materials for customers and the development of our Sustainability Networks.

This year, she graduates a MSc. in Business Administration and Organizational Communication with a Minor in Circular Economy from Copenhagen Business School. She is currently researching the second-hand textile industry in Ghana and how circular economy could be part of a solution to redirect the 160 tonnes of daily textile waste.

She truly believes that everyone can benefit from a green transition and that organizations operating with a conscious mindset will experience greater success in the future.


Jonas Priess Sørensen

Sustainability Network Coordinator
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As Sustainability Network Coordinator, Jonas helps facilitate and develop initiatives within the umbrella of our sustainability industry networks, especially our wind industry network Momentum. Being a Coordinator includes communicating externally about network activities, promoting knowledge-sharing across companies, and executing the strategy defined by the SteerCo’s of the networks.

Jonas is currently finishing his bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration at Aarhus BSS – Aarhus University. Once the summer is over, he will pursue a Master’s degree in International Economic Consulting from Aarhus BSS. He considers it an excellent opportunity to bridge the knowledge he learns at school with his new role at SustainX.

Jonas’ passion for sustainability lies in the technologies that change markets into greener markets and provoke the old system thinking. He finds SustainX a perfect fit for him as it is still a young company with a start-up feel. At the same time, it also gives him the opportunity to work with people who share the same passion for the green transition. Being able to support sustainable development for Danish SMEs and make a change for the people, planet, and profit brings Jonas great motivation.

Anton Kvist

Technical Project Manager
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With his natural drive to contribute to positive change and development, Anton works with planning, coordinating, and facilitating sustainable technical projects at SustainX.

With a mantra stating: “Go Green or Go Home,” Anton wants to make a difference in the green transition and contribute to a better world in both the short and long term. For him, nothing is better than working with companies, big and small, that put green technology in the world and contribute to a greener future.

Anton holds a Master’s degree in technology-based business development from Aarhus BSS – Aarhus University.


Arvin Fard

Academy Intern
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Arvin is passionate about the environmental and social sustainability agendas and holds a BSc in Comparative Politics (Political Science) with a minor in Media- and Communication Sciences from the University of Bergen (UiB).

Arvin is currently in the final semester of studying for a Master’s degree in Political Communication and Management at Copenhagen Business School. This summer, he will be submitting his Master’s Thesis on the shortcomings of the ESGs as a primary measure of sustainability in society and businesses and its limiting effects on sustainable development.

As a SustainX Academy Intern, Arvin is supporting the development, positioning, and execution of SustainX Academy. He believes it is crucial to spread awareness to pursue sustainable development for all.

Chantal Beck

Academy Associate
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With a passion for rethinking systems and developing sustainable solutions, Chantal uses a design thinking approach to tackle complex sustainability challenges. As an Academy Associate, Chantal supports the business development of SustainX Academy and facilitates the onboarding of new partners to our online courses. Furthermore, Chantal also assists the communication team.

Chantal holds a master’s degree in Service Systems Design from Aalborg Universitet, including an exchange semester at Copenhagen Business School, where she attended sustainability and circular economy courses.

Jens Kruse

Sustainability Manager & Consultant
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As a Sustainability Manager, Jens helps our partners identify, track and reduce their CO2 emissions. Additionally, he assists in the business development of our Sustainability Management service.

Jens holds an MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Aarhus University. As part of his Master’s Thesis, he was involved with Open-Source modeling of a future Pan-European electricity system using historical wind and solar weather data to analyze the impact on the ‘ideal’ layout of an interconnected European energy system. It’s no surprise that Jens is passionate about understanding the climate challenges and is driven to help shape a future society with high energy demand.

With a strong belief that conditions for growth and profit are key elements in sustainable business, Jens supports that early action contributing to decarbonizing pays off later.

Line Lillelund Rasmussen

Sustainability Manager
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Line is a technical sustainability nerd with a genuine understanding of industrial processes and sustainability implementation strategies.

With experience from food and heavy industries, Line masters data collection, methodologies, climate accounting and quality assessment to ensure sustainability compliance across the entire supply chain.

She holds an M.Sc. in Food Technology from DTU and a B.s in chemistry from SDU. Line specializes in chemistry, technology, and sustainability, which she utilizes when supporting your climate strategy.

Line is one of SustainX’s Sustainability Managers. Her workstreams are focused on technical innovation and the green transition of Danish SMEs.

Anniversary donations

Jan 2022
1 Year

To support and maintain the small amount of wild nature still left in Denmark, I have chosen to support The Danish Nature Fund for my anniversary. Their work to increase biodiversity in Denmark is essential if the next generations should experience indigenous plants and species. Furthermore, they educate and guide people on how to use and act with the conditions of nature. They have indeed inspired me to get out and experience more of the wild nature left in Denmark.

Anna Malinowska

Sustainability Consultant
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In the last few years, Anna has worked with mitigating the negative consequences of climate change in countries such as Indonesia and Ethiopia as a part of the Danish global cooperation programs. She also gained experience from the private sector, where she learned how to plan, develop and construct renewable energy projects.

Anna holds a Master’s Degree in Urban, Energy, and Environmental Planning with a specialization in Energy from Aalborg University and a Bachelor in Urban Planning from Poland.

As a Sustainability Consultant, Anna works with Current State Analysis and Scope 1 and Scope 2 calculations. Anna also supports the SustainX Academy with educational materials, especially concerning the energy field. With a strong interest in the baseline setup and scenario assumptions, Anna wants to enhance the private sector’s efforts in creating sustainable business models that fit future demands.

Peter Knoth Krogh

Academy Associate
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As a Graduate, Peter supports the development and execution of the Sustainability Academy. With courses ranging from climate accounting to the 17 development goals, Peter helps raise sustainability knowledge in Danish SMEs.

Holding a master’s degree in Sustainable Design from Aalborg University, Peter has previously worked with CSR and compliance, developing e-learning and graphical setups.

Peter strongly believes that sustainability should be a natural part of any company and strives to provide lasting solutions that can ensure a sustainable business.

Amalie Bastrup-Birk

Sustainability Manager
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Amalie holds a BA in Geology and Geoscience and an MSc. In Climate Change from Københavns Universitet – University of Copenhagen. From her master’s degree, she gained high interdisciplinary skills, combining natural and social sciences approaches and the know-how to address adaptation and mitigation measures for CO2 emissions.

As a Sustainability Consultant, Amalie will be working with scope 3 calculations and supporting our educational material development. Amalie will bring her knowledge about CO2 calculation tools and GHG protocol requirements into play.

With her strong interest in climate change, Amalie is driven by the mitigation process of how we can minimize CO2 emissions. Amalie sees vast potential in emission cuts across many industries, especially within production activities in Danish SMEs.

Anne-Freja Amsinck

Sustainability Manager
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Anne-Freja holds a M.Sc. in Environmental Anthropology and has a strong passion for implementing sustainable strategies that channel actual and palpable change by incorporating culture and technology as equal partners on the path toward our goals

At SustainX, Anne-Freja facilitates our Sustainability Networks, supports your sustainable business development, and drives successful change management as a Sustainability Manager.

Anne-Freja has specialized in understanding how humans interact with the environment and always operates with the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit. With experience from international fieldwork and the Technical and Environmental Administration of Copenhagen, Anne-Freja has worked with climate and the environment in cultural frameworks, environmental protection, data collection, business development, and qualitative research.

Georgiana Apetroaei

Sustainability Coordinator
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Georgiana has a passion for sustainability which stems from her interest in science. She hopes to spark motivation in people to pursue more sustainability in Danish SMEs.
With experience in environmental analysis and SDG implementation in value chains, Georgiana is working with scope 3 calculations and CSR reporting.

Georgiana holds a B.Sc. in marketing and sales from VIA University College. Soon she can add the title B.Sc. in Nature and Agricultural Management from Business Academy Aarhus.

Dana Ansberga

Technical Project Manager
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Dana is a sustainability Advocate with a big A. For the past ten years, she has taken part in cross-national projects within climate change mitigation, food security, ecology, and water & sanitation. She has experience in realizing projects at NGOs, national initiatives, and in the private sector.

At SustainX, Dana is a Technical Project Manager working within various industries and ensures that your projects are successful. Her main areas of focus are within R&D and Process Optimization projects of engineering businesses.

Dana has an academic background in Social and Environmental Sciences, including an interdisciplinary master’s degree in Human Security.