SustainX and Dansk Industri launch a new working network for Food & Beverage industry suppliers.

SustainX and Dansk Industri launch a new working network for Food & Beverage industry suppliers.

Mie Skjodt

Mie Skjodt

Department Manager, CPH

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COPENHAGEN, March 17th, 2022: SustainX and Dansk Industri establish ACT Network (Accelerating Change Together) to meet the growing focus on sustainability in the food industry from both customers and legislation.

The purpose of ACT Network is to accelerate the green transition through shared learning and execution – for the benefit of the participants’ business. In collaboration, the members will define and pursue best practices in the industry by reducing the cost of running a sustainable and responsible business, focusing on topics such as CO2 documentation and reduction, sustainable packaging, and positioning strategies that work.

The network is a co-operation between Danish food producer companies to lift the entire industry towards sustainability for the benefit of all. The ACT Network invites all food companies that are members of Dansk Industri with a high level of ambition in terms of sustainability that want to work together. Each member contributes (minimum) one decision-maker and operational participant.
The ACT Network is for members by members, which means that the ownership of the network belongs to the members where Dansk Industri and SustainX facilitate it. Members can expect:


4 Townhall Meetings a Year

  • Keynote presentation on new trends from leading companies in the industry
  • Status and results from working groups
  • Networking and best practice sharing


4 Workstreams a Year

  • Joint efforts on selected topics
  • Consultant hours from SustainX to lift tasks
  • Knowledge, experience, and resource sharing
  • Toolbox and material access

Collaboration platform

  • Knowledge and content sharing
  • Dialogue and cooperation
  • Smaller teams and focus groups

The Members

  • Dansk Industri’s food companies with their own production
  • Open to sharing ideas and thoughts
  • Prioritization of joint projects and working groups
  • Each member contributes (minimum) one decision maker and operational participant.

For more information reach out to Mie Skjodt or read more on the link below.

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