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Baettr is a member of the wind industry network Momentum Network, setting industry standards and accelerating sustainability solutions together.

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About Baettr

Baettr cooperates with international OEM’s operating in the wind industry, adding tangible value to its partners’ value chain and business by reducing complexity and driving down costs.

Meet a Momentum Member and Co-founder: Baettr

Every day, Baettr work to make wind energy the most widely available and preferred energy source in the world. ”Engineering the Foundation for Future Generations” are not just words for Baettr, but their overall purpose.


Together we can be the transition

We asked the CEO of Baettr, Peter Pallishøj, what he thought about the Momentum Network:

“We have many great ideas within Baettr, as well as we continuously try to optimize our processes and stand accountable in the green transition. However, we also need to harvest the synergy between Baettr and other companies within the wind industry, which we believe we get by being a part of Momentum Network.

From the workstreams which have been running and are running, we get sparing, inspiration, and actual support to define our way forward. And it is an extremely good motivator to keep the focus on our sustainability agenda and our long-term strategy. Furthermore, the network is becoming strong and a good place to start when seeking other kinds of sparing.

For me, it is stated in our “Why” for Momentum Network: “We believe that on our own we can be an inspiration, but together we can be the transition”. I cannot explain it better than this, as we for sure need a transition. The question is, do we progress fast enough?”

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