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HydraSpecma is a member of the wind industry network Momentum Network, setting industry standards and accelerating sustainability solutions together.

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About HydraSpecma

HydraSpecma stands on the shoulders of more than 100 years of experience. Together with business partners, we at Hydra-Grene and Specma have build the Nordic region’s leading hydraulics company which always guarantees solid solutions of a high quality.

Meet a Momentum Member: HydraSpecma

Together with business partners, HydraSpecma has built the Nordic region’s leading hydraulics company, guaranteeing solid solutions of high quality. Delivering lubrication, filtering, and cooling to wind turbines, HydraSpecma has over 40 years of experience in being a responsible supplier to the wind industry.


A great platform to interact with the industry’s OEMs

We asked Henrik Sillesen, Group Director at HydraSpecma, what he thought about the Momentum Network:

“At HydraSpecma we have always had a responsible approach to the societies we are a part of, the environment we live in, and the employees that are a part of the HydraSpecma family. At the same time, we have much experience as suppliers to the wind industry.

So when the opportunity to become one of the founding companies for the Momentum Network arose, it was the perfect mix of these two proud traditions, and the choice to join came naturally. The Momentum Network allows us to interact with our peers in the industry and learn from each other to ensure that we are efficient and use best-practice in our efforts to become even more sustainable. The Momentum Network has shown itself as a great platform to interact with the OEMs regarding their strategies on sustainability.

Networks such as Momentum is essential to the industry as they help the entire industry to accelerate and maintain focus on sustainability.”

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