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Niebuhr Gears is a member of the wind industry network Momentum Network, setting industry standards and accelerating sustainability solutions together.

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About Niebuhr Gears

Niebuhr Gears is a gear wheel manufacturing company delivering high quality gear components for all industrial machine builders, including construction machinery, wind turbines, automotive industry, ship building, off shore etc. Manufacturing in Europe and Asia, Niebuhr Gears supply gear components world wide.

Meet a Momentum Member: Niebuhr Gears A/S 

As the leading specialist in the market, Niebuhr Gears manufactures high-quality gear components for all industrial machine builders, such as construction machinery, wind turbines, the automotive industry, and shipbuilding. As part of its sustainability journey, Niebuhr Gears recently finished its project “Klimaklar SMV” and has made its first CO2 baseline calculation based on 2018.

With more than 20 years on the post, we asked Rasmus Niebuhr, CEO, what he thought about the Momentum Network:

“We decided immediately to participate because the entire idea of the Momentum Network suits our need for cooperation and sharing of lessons learned during a task that is relatively new to us. The network consists of others in the same situation as we are. Together, we are much stronger and faster at making a sustainable change.

In essence, The Momentum Network has connected Niebuhr Gears with people working with the sustainability agenda. Likewise, the network has provided us with inspiration for worksheets and presentations, as well as helping us prioritize sustainability topics.

I find it very relevant that more small and medium-sized companies can coordinate and give feedback upwards. We need to ensure that challenges and tasks are still making sense and creating value.”