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Polytech is a member of the wind industry network Momentum Network, setting industry standards and accelerating sustainability solutions together.

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About Polytech

As a solution-oriented supplier with a global presence, Polytech has a mission to assist customers in improving their products, increasing their returns, and reducing their levelized cost of energy.

Meet a Momentum Member: Polytech

Polytech brings sustainable solutions to life, improving the durability and performance of wind turbines. Founded in 1994, they are now front-runners in wind power innovation and a trusted partner to major players in the wind industry, with locations in Denmark, China, Germany, USA, and Mexico.


Facilitating knowledge sharing

We have asked Jesper Sloth, CMO at Polytech, what he thinks about being a part of the Momentum Network:

“In Polytech, we see quite a few benefits from being part of the Momentum network.

Through cooperation in the network, we are able to convert the normal pull effect into a push effect towards our customers, which ensures that the baselines and standards required in their supply chain programs are aligned across the industry – and that we have a common understanding of which requirements we will face in the industry.

Further, the network facilitates knowledge sharing across companies of similar nature – both within the domain of sustainability standards and requirements, which is new to all of us – but also more broad sparring on new concepts and ideas.”

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