Minna-Nadia Shukri

Sustainability Consultant


Say hi to Minna

With a motivation for work that can make a difference, Minna sees great potential in SustainX’s work with “Projekt-KlimaKlar”. For her, Danish SMEs have the potential to contribute to the green transition, as they alone are responsible for about 60% of all industrial pollution. She believes that if we can support SMEs to operate more sustainably, responsibly and consciously, then it is possible to change the future we face – not only for our generation but also for the next.

As Sustainability Consultant at SustainX, Minna will be part of the ‘KlimaKlar Produktionsvirksomhed’, where she will help Danish manufacturing companies initiate their sustainability work.

Minna is currently completing her MSc in Sustainable Design at Aalborg University in Copenhagen. Here she focuses on the sustainable transformation of our industries and why common organisational frameworks and working practices can be a barrier to the transition.