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With global climate change, the wind industry is key to securing the sustainability of our future society. At Momentum, we take the responsibility of providing sustainable value chains seriously. We believe working together across the industry is the most effective way to implement the green transition.

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The Momentum Network

Together, Baettr and SustainX created the Momentum Network for suppliers to the wind turbine OEM’s focusing on innovation and sustainability.

The future of OEMs will hold various demands from customers, governments, and the environment. The climate crisis has made it necessary to drive down production costs to expand the adoption of clean wind energy globally and accelerate the transition to more sustainable means of production.

We believe global challenges must be met with a global and collaborative mindset of transparency, dedication, and accountability.

We must embark on the green transition to stay competitive and comply with customer demands on the global stage.

We find best practice solutions to standardize how the industry measures, reports, and communicates about the green transition.

Momentum is a practical network of wind energy OEM suppliers. All members work together constructively to advance the sustainability of the entire wind industry for the benefit of everyone. That is ambitious. We know that. But if not us, then who?

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We define and pursue common industry practices, working in mutual accountability towards decreasing cost and increasing adoption of sustainable business practices.

The network is by Members for Members. Every year, the Momentum members choose the sustainability topics for the workstream. So far, we have covered: 

  • CO2 calculations & reductions
  • Science-based targets
  • Reporting and documentation
  • Strategy framework
  • Circular Economy
  • Zero Waste
  • Innovation and technologies
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