The First Green Steps

Do you need support and inspiration to begin your sustainability journey? SustainX offers a range of ESG- and sustainability workshops tailored to your organization.

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ESG og bæredygtig workshop

“We want to work purposefully with sustainability, but how do we get started?”

…this is one of the many questions we encounter in Danish companies that want to accelerate their green transition. At SustainX, we understand the concern, as there are many places to start.

Our mission is to increase sustainability in all Danish SMEs and provide you with the necessary tools to drive change for a more sustainable future. Sometimes, we need to see things from a new perspective to ignite inspiration and motivation.

Workshops tailored to your organization

In our workshops, we take your company by the hand with targeted inspiration and hands-on exercises, ensuring you get off to a good start with enhanced sustainability knowledge.

Our team consists of specialists in many different areas of sustainability. Below you will find the workshops we are currently offering.

After the ended workshop, we will guide you and your company in taking the right steps forward on the green journey.

Our workshops


UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Do you want to work strategically with the UN SDGs? In this workshop, we explore the UN SDGs (including the targets) to determine which ones your company can focus on and incorporate into your ESG strategy and efforts.
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Your first climate account

Want to start your first climate account? In this workshop, we will help you set the boundaries for the calculation and data collection of your climate accounts.
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Plan your ESG Strategy

What does working actively with ESG look like? In this workshop, we explore what working with ESG looks like, including relevant sustainability activities and target setting.
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