New partnership: real green power for Danish SME’s

New partnership

We proudly announce our new partnership with Reel, Denmark’s only climate-friendly electricity supplier! Today conventional green power agreements cannot demonstrate a positive climate impact unless they ensure the construction of more renewable energy. Reel works to provide all businesses with an actual green alternative when buying electricity.

At SustainX, we see the partnership as a perfect match, as it fits naturally with our services like climate accounting while supporting our shared goal of a more sustainable and climate-friendly Denmark.

Power Purchase Agreements

Reel will make it possible for Danish companies to reduce their CO2 emissions with electricity contracts that secure the construction of new solar and wind farms. Specifically, they offer Power Purchase Agreements, or PPAs, that guarantee the construction of new renewable energy, CO2 calculations for CSR and sustainability reports, and insights via their sustainability platform.

Through the partnership, SustainX and Reel will work to expand PPAs to Danish SMEs while promoting more transparency in the electricity market and ensuring that the companies’ good intentions are translated into actual CO2 reductions.

Reach out to hear more about the partnership!