4th August 2022



SustainX announces that from 1st August SustainX Academy will no longer be part of its offered services.

Due to the changing world situation and increased insecurity for many organizations, the timing for launching SustainX Academy has not made it possible to continue its development.

The restructuring of SustainX has regrettably also meant that three valued staff members have been discharged.

Sustainability Education through our e-learning courses will continue to be part of SustainX’s services now as a part of our Sustainability Management subscription ‘Engage to Sustain’.



Comment from the founders’ Line Amtorp Poulsen and Kristian Danielsen:

We still believe that education is one of the key drivers to accelerate sustainability, but unfortunately, the timing has not been with us to launch a full academy. Closing down SustainX Academy has been a difficult decision, and we are especially sad to have to say goodbye to three valued members of SustainX.


We are still focused on bringing the best sustainability solutions to the market, and we are looking forward to continuing making the Danish production industry 1% more sustainable every day through our core business: Sustainability Management and Sustainability Networks.”



Person of contact:

Line Amtorp Poulsen

+45 20 11 68 28