CDP Assessment

With a CDP assessment, you will get a globally recognized assessment to track and communicate your sustainability progress.


What is a CDP assesment?

A CDP assessment helps you share your sustainability performance with your stakeholders and monitor your progress.

  • CDP is globally recognized reporting system that asesses a business’s environmental performance based on climate change, forests, and water security questionnaires.

Let us help you share the progress

We can help you get all your data ready to be assesed through CDP. Furthermore we will go through the results of the assesment and come with recommendations on how to improve your sustainability performance.

Competitive asset

The data on your climate impact is an opportunity to benchmark yourself against competitors in communication with stakeholders, suppliers, and customers

Enable partnerships

Some companies and organizations require that their partners have a CDP assesment

Sustainability communication
Brand identity

Showcase that your company is becoming more sustainable without being afraid of greenwashing

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