CSR & Communication strategy

If your company is already on the way towards a green transition, we can provide you with the strategy and guidelines on how to communicate your sustainability progress.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

Today, the biggest companies in Denmark are required by Danish legislation to include information on corporate social responsibility (CSR) in their annual reports. From the Danish Government and EU, there is a wish to promote sustainability through the value chain by highlighting CSR reports as much as financial reporting.

Let us help you get started

From the visual to the data-technical, we will help you with all the necessities for writing a CSR report. Besides, helping you with your CSR, we also give you guidelines, recommendations, and examples on how to use your reports within your marketing strategy.

Brand identity

Communicating your efforts and outcomes within ESG to your stakeholders - e.g. customers, potential colleagues and suppliers can help you create a more attractive and conscious brand identity.

Attract investors

It has become a key motivation for investors to consider environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues when they make financial analyses.

Progress tool

An ESG report also works as a way for you and your stakeholders to keep track of progress and realign targets

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