Sustainability as a subscription

Setting a realistic timeframe is the first step in a green transition. We know that sustainability must be prioritized, but you also have a business to run while transitioning. That’s why we keep it realistic.

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What do you get with a subscription?

Setting a realistic timeframe is the first step. 

A green transition is not a quick fix. It takes time. Time to figure out the right path for your organization, to analyze your organization’s footprint, and then to change the status quo. With a Sustainability Manager, SustainX will be with you from start to finish.

SustainX has developed a framework with a clear roadmap

With a subscription, SustainX implements our sustainability framework over a three-year timeframe. We know that sustainability must be prioritized, but you also have a business to run while transitioning. See how we structure the timeframe for a green transition below.

How does our subscription work?

With a subscription, you get a Sustainability Manager driving your green transition with support from all SustainX experts. 

You pay a monthly fee equal to one full-time Sustainability Manager, but you get access to all SustainX’s experts and know-how. In a three-year timeframe, we implement our Framework, which consists of the activities we have experienced that are key to a successful green transition. Each year, we will work on new activities, ensuring that your organization’s sustainability position matures along the way.

Line Amtorp Poulsen

Founder & Head of Sustainability

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Prepare & Plan

Year one is a baseline year where we uncover your organization’s biggest negative impact, sustainability maturity, and market position. This year, we will discover which resources you have to begin your green transition. Year one includes activities such as current state analyses, CO2 Baseline, maturity assessment, competitor analysis, Scope 1 & 2 analysis, and KPI and target setting.

Build & Implement

In year two, the focus is on building your internal sustainability competencies and creating a complete picture of your organization’s footprint. In year two, we will make a scope three analysis and start using and comparing your KPIs and target setting. Year two includes activities such as scope three analysis, KPI and target setting, internal education with SustainX Academy, sustainable communication strategy, employee involvement, and implementation of ambassador corps.

Act & Drive

In year three we ensure that when we let you go, you will be able to run the sustainability activities and initiatives we set in place. In this year, we will anchor the necessary systems and procedures so you can continue the sustainability work. Our goal is that sustainability is integrated in your corporate strategy. Lastly, we will also compare how much your organization’s negative impact has decreased compared to year 1.

Engage to Sustain Framework

Ensure an in-depth sustainability transition with our framework

We believe sustainability should be lived and done and not stranded in a PowerPoint show. Our framework ensures a solid foundation with key tools to lead your company through a successful transition.

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