Our Framework

Many companies set ambitious targets that are simply too difficult to realize. Instead of making an actual impact, time and resources are wasted. A green transition takes patience and dedication. Everyone needs to commit, and to ensure that you make real change, SustainX developed a framework to guide set you on the route for sustainable success.

To make sure you can meet your targets, expectations from customers, and various requirements, we have developed an extensive toolkit to sustain your company. Visualized as a strategy house, every part is crucial for a successful transition. Rushing through or leaving one part out will make all the hard work a waste – for you, for us, and the planet.

To see your transition all the way through, we have also set a realistic timeframe. Change does not happen overnight so our framework is a three-year roadmap implementing extensive activities every month. To make it a success, all levels in your company must also be involved.

Mission & Targets
– To be defined –
UN Sustainable Development Goals
Peer knowledge sharing
Innovation & efficiency
People & values

The Foundation

The foundation is what holds the entire framework together.

We base it on People & Values because change cannot happen successfully without people.

Technology is an essential tool for sustainable change, but investments are expensive and require long-term decision making and planning. The second foundation is, therefore, Innovation & Efficiency.

Scouting for technology and innovation opportunities are key activities in our toolkit to sustain and streamline your company.

The Four Pillars

The pillars of the framework are necessary to ensure that the targets can be met. We have defined a 3-year Roadmap, with activities set to meet your targets.

With Governance as our structural backbone, we set the necessary procedures to ensure transparency and streamline your way of working, including organizing your knowledge and competencies.

To ensure that change is successful and long-lasting, we believe that Education is key. SustainX provides sustainability education for all relevant employees.

Finally, we practice peer knowledge sharing. We scout and manage Sustainability Networks in various industries. See which networks we have up and running here.

The Roof

Bringing the framework together is the roof. This is where we will define your ambitious Mission and Targets.

It often happens is that businesses only focus on the roof; however, it is the foundation and the four pillars that make it possible for your company to reach its targets.

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