The Subscription

We know it is hard to take the first step, confusing to know which direction to go, and it requires long-term planning. That is why a Sustainability Manager from SustainX is onboard from the planning stage till the implementation and evaluation stages.  

It is important for us is to make a difference, reduce CO2 footprints, and we know that bullet points in a power point presentation is not the way to make impact. When we integrate in your business, there are no longer “your goals” and “SustainX goals” We see the journey as a partnership which we are just as motivated to succeed as you are. 

To ensure succeeding with the green transition, we get to know every detail necessary, to get you over the finish line. We become a part of your organization and culture.

Sustainability is not implemented overnight. There are many activities involved in a green transition. That is why we have a realistic timeline to ensure that your sustainability efforts matter.

Subscription Timeline

– From 42.000- DKK / Month

SustainX works in-depth to meet your sustainability targets. We implement sustainability in the entire organization to ensure that you succeed. Change takes time, and we know that you still need to deliver your products and services to your customers. To enforce change and undergo a green transition, we need to stay realistic. That is why our Sustainability Manager solution is a three-year partnership.

  • Year 1Plan & prepare
  • Year 2Build & implement
  • Year 3Act & drive


Our framework leads the way to increased sustainability. You can expect the following activities in the first year with a Sustainability Management subscription:

  • Current State Analysis
  • CO2 Baseline Calculation
  • Sustainability Target Setting
  • Sustainability Education selected employees
  • Establishment of Ambassador Corps
  • Network Establishment
  • Governance Development
  • Communication Plan
  • Evaluation and planning every year
Sustainability education

Being a part of the renewable business we see a high need to support our customers in the best way ensuring long term optimisation and sustainable development. We have therefore now developed LaunchPad together with SustainX. LaunchPad is a structured and long term development program targeting to make innovation, thinking different, bringing in new technology etc. All areas which we need to accelerate to support the journey of our customers as well as to live up to our own motto in Baettr “Engineering the Foundation for Future Generations”.

Peter Pallishøj
CEO Baettr

I would like to give SustainX a strong recommendation.

I have used SustainX to solve a large cross organizational project which they solved in a super professional manner. It was executed with wide organizational involvement though out the project which ensured local ownership when the project finalized. The Project manager made sure there was full alignment across all stakeholders with ccontinulisy adjustments from start to finish. The project manager works very independent and only consults me when challenging decision has to made. This made the support from SustainX very effective from my point of view, they took the job and executed it with precision.-

Andreas Friis
Senior Vice President, Danish Crown