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Take matters into your own hands and increase sustainability knowledge where it matters, accelerating your sustainability journey. To succeed on our mission to cut 70% emissions in Danish SMEs by 2030, knowledge and education must be part of the solution!

Every organizational change is only successful if the involved people understand why there is a need to change. Education and learning is the greatest tool to prepare for change, gain motivation and ignite inspiration.

SustainX Academy ensures that your organization develops the needed knowledge, competencies, and tools to ensure that future generations can fulfill their needs, just like we have.

With SustainX Academy, we wish to share our expertise and knowledge because keeping it to ourselves will not ensure a sustainable tomorrow. Therefore, SustainX Academy offers online learning, conferences, workshops, leadership & C-suite coaching to make you and your organization sustainable change-maker in your organization.

We are ready to launch the full academy in April 2022, but if you want to secure your seat in the classroom we are open for sign ups now!

Read more about what SustainX Academy has to offer below.

Engage to Sustain

– Develop the sustainability skills within your organization

Want your own Sustainability Manager implementing sustainability in your organization? No problem! At SustainX, our mission is to ensure all Danish SMEs are working with sustainability. Together with you, we want to succeed with the national goal of a 70% reduction in CO2 emissions. That is why SustainX gives you the opportunity to educate your own Sustainability Manager based on our Engage to Sustain Framework.

On the 15-months practical education, your Sustainability Manager will learn how to map your organization’s sustainability initiatives, perform key analyses to ensure your strategy is based on correct data, and implement sustainability initiatives in key areas of your organization.

On Engage to Sustain, your  Sustainability Manager will gain a practical understanding of Current State Analysis, CO2 Baseline, Sustainability KPIs, Ambassador Corps, and Communication Strategy. Each course takes approximately two months, and everyone is expected to implement the learnings in your organization throughout the course. You can pick and choose the relevant courses for you – or take the whole Engage to Sustain Education!

Digital Education Platform

– Increase motivation for sustainability development

Do you want to succeed with your sustainability initiatives? At SustainX, we know that knowledge is the bridge to sustainable development. To achieve a green transition and ensure the national goal of a 70% emission reduction, we must also develop our minds as well as our organizations. Knowledge is also a great tool to diminish the barriers to sustainable change. If everyone in your organization understands the WHY, motivation and innovation often follow.

That is why SustainX offer digital sustainability courses to all levels of your organization, ensuring that your employees understand why your organization is transitioning!

We are developing new courses on an ongoing basis. The currently available digital courses cover Introduction to the 17 SDGs, courses in each of the 17 SDGs, Climate Accounting and Circular Economy. Take the courses whenever, wherever with the app-based learning tool.

Reach out today to learn more about our digital courses and education solutions.

Workshop & Conference

– Ignite your inspiration and gain a deeper understanding

Sometimes we need to see things in a new perspective to ignite our inspiration and inner motivation. SustainX’s mission is to increase sustainability in all Danish SMEs and provide you with the necessary tools to drive change for a more sustainable future. That is why SustainX offer to facilitate traditional workshops and conference days with our sustainability experts to enhance sustainability knowledge in your organization.

SustainX Academy also offers to facilitate practical workshops with hands on experience and roadmaps for driving change. The workshops and conference topics are tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

Our team consists of specialists in many different areas of sustaiability. We offer topics such as Climate Accounting, CO2 Baseline, Scope 1, 2 & 3, EU Taxonomy, Science Based Targets, Circular Economy, LCA, Ambassador Corps, SDGs, Sustainable Supply Chain Management, Sustainable KPI setting, Strategic Climate Communication, and much much more.

CEO & Leadership Training

– A green transition requires sustainable leadership

Integrating sustainability in the core of the business has become a ‘license to operate’. A successful green transition also calls for new competencies and development skills at the management table. Leading an organization towards a greener future can be impossible without the necessary sustainable mindset. Building on a long track record of coaching C-suites, SustainX Academy offers one-to-one training in navigating the sustainability environment in your industry.

SustainX Academy brings you up to speed with the relevant sustainability tools and thinking by combining digital courses with personal coaching. A handful of online modules are explicitly designed for C-suites, equipping you with the tools to set the right direction for driving sustainability initiatives in your organization.  The training covers topics such as fostering sustainable change, competing in a competitive landscape, and working with the triple bottom line, and much more.

SustainX Academy

Want to hear more about SustainX Academy and how we can increase sustainability knowledge in your organization? Put in your contact details and we will get in touch!

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