SustainX celebrates its first year!

By Josefine Berthelsen in News feed, SustainX

The saying often goes, “the first year is the hardest”. And there is no doubt that there have been many challenges on the way, only as we could expect. However, looking back at the last year, it is hard to get our arms back down.

Let us take you through our first year and reveal our learnings and plans for the future.

The year that passed

SustainX was founded in 2020 to challenge the traditional business model and implement sustainable solutions in all Danish SMEs. Today, it is driven by the two idealists, Line and Kristian, who run a team with 12 employees aiming to improve Danish SMEs 1% every day.

Line and Kristian sees the need to change the way we do business, and their mission is ambitious: in 2030, SustainX will be one of the primary drivers for reaching the 70% emission reduction by reducing Danish SMEs’ CO2 footprints! The goal is to ensure our planet’s resources, companies’ survival, Danish jobs, and our Danish competitiveness on the international stage.  The mission is ambitious but so is the team they have put together.

In the first year, we have:

  • Gone from 0 to 12 employees (and still hiring) 
  • Established 1 Sustainability Network (and several in the making) 
  • Established a strategic collaboration with Dansk Industri
  • Created 3 digital sustainability courses  with our partner Triggers
  • Established new partnerships with ambitious Danish production companies

We are very excited about the new partnerships we have established in the past year – there is a vast potential of making a real difference. It has been incredible to see the Danish SMEs’ desire and motivation to initiate their green journey.

Kristian Danielsen

Learnings from our first year

Everything is new and a “first time” when you are a start-up. Daily, we have encountered questions such as “how do we work as a team? What necessary procedures do we need to establish, and who is responsible for what?” Somehow it has all come together. Sometimes it has been more of a coincidence, but most of the time it has been hard work, long evenings, and a lot of uncertainty. It has been an important learning to understand how to navigate in times of uncertainty and deliver our best work.

We learn something new every day. About ourselves, our partners, and the planet. We have especially noticed how Danish SMEs do not lack ambitions when it comes to their green transitions. Often, we have met very ambitious targets that will impact the environment if the correct tools are used.

It is very optimistic to see how high Danish SMEs ambitions are. We are incredibly proud to make sure that they have the right tools in order to meet these impressive targets.

Line Amtorp Poulsen

The future of SustainX

SustainX implemented the triple bottom line right from the beginning, which means that we are only successful if we impact and measure three variables: People, Planet and Profit.

Looking into our future, these three criteria work as our landmarks – and we are very excited to reveal what the future holds for us.

4-day work week

In 2023, SustainX will implement a four-day workweek for all employees. We know that a healthy work-life balance is key to sustain our business, the planet, and our employees. To make sure we are ready for the shift and comply with all our activities, we are implementing different tools and habits to make our work more efficient. Stay tuned to follow our journey of a 4-day workweek.

New Sustainability Networks

SustainX is establishing two new Sustainability Networks! We are excited to accelerate the sustainability efforts in two new industries and foster change by sharing best practice experience. We will soon reveal which industries the Sustainability Networks will focus on, follow our LinkedIn profile if you are curious!

New Copenhagen Office

Apart from our Headquarters in Horsens, we are opening a new office in Copenhagen central in a few months. The final location will be announced soon, but we are excited to see you for a coffee and a chat about Danish SMEs’ green transitions!

The past year came with many new experiences, new connections, and partnerships, and important learnings – we cannot wait to see what the next year will bring for us. Perhaps you will join our ride?