Employee Involvement & Engagement

With a strategy for employee involvement and engagement, we can help you get your people on board with the sustainability initiatives you have implemented.

Employee involvement

How to create employee involvement and engagement?

Many sustainability initiatives are never fulfilled because they fail to involve the whole team. In our experience, establishing an ambassador corps in your company can enhance employee involvement, change management, and sustainable awareness while you work to increase your sustainability efforts. With an ambassador program, you can create a communication channel between departments and employees and easily coordinate and evaluate company performance.

Let us guide you

With experience from several Danish corporations, SustainX guides you to onboard, run and use an ambassador corp from which you can share the responsibility for the green transition in the company. In our approach, employee engagement goes hand in hand with knowledge-sharing through relevant workshops or courses. By involving the whole team in your sustainability journey, your success rate is likely to go up.

Get the most out of your sustainability investments

Involving your employees increases the chance of your investments in sustainability initiatives being followed through with the best possible effect.

ambassador corps
Increased employee engagement

Involving employees in your green initiatives can give them even more purpose in their job and a more positive perception of the company.

Sustainability communication
Increased positive reputation

Involving your employees in your sustainability initiatives gives them incentives to speak highly about your company

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