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With a mission to improve with 1% everyday, we cherish every single partnership in SustainX. Read about some of our cases below.

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Momentum Netværk

Polar Seafood – Workshop

"In a complex field, we have previously not felt comfortable. With SustainX's assistance, we are now a step ahead - and most importantly, for the first time in this process, we have a clear direction and a way forward."

Louise Schouv Petersen

Project Manager at Polar Seafood

Sky-Work – LCA

"Sustainability is a broad concept and can seem very intangible. SustainX has managed to make it simple and easy to work with, so we can implement it in our daily work."

Jeppe Graversen

Director of Sales and Marketing

HydraSpecma – Momentum

"The Momentum Network allows us to interact with our peers in the industry and learn from each other to ensure that we are efficient and use best-practice in our efforts to become even more sustainable"

Henrik Sillesen

Group Director at HydraSpecma

Niebuhr Gears – Momentum

"The network has provided us with inspiration for worksheets and presentations, as well as helping us prioritize sustainability topics."

Rasmus Niebuhr

CEO at Niebuhr Gears

polytech logo

Polytech – Engage to Sustain

Polytech is expanding its current climate strategy to systematically drive sustainability efforts as part of their business strategy in the future. Read more about how we are realizing it.

Line Lillelund Rasmussen

Sustainability Manager

Svanehøj logo

Svanehøj – Engage to Sustain

Read how Svanehøj is realizing their mission to significantly decrease its greenhouse gas emissions and drive sustainability initiatives more systemically together with SustainX.

Sustainability Manager

Kristoffer Nielsen

Sustainability Manager

Globus Wine

Globus Wine – Engage to Sustain

Globus Wine is working towards making a minimal impact while supplying its customers with tasty wine goods. Read more about how.

Line Lillelund Rasmussen

Sustainability Manager

baettr logo

Baettr – Momentum

"It is an extremely good motivator to keep the focus on our sustainability agenda and our long-term strategy"


Peter Pallishøj

CEO at Baettr

polytech logo

Polytech – Momentum

"Through cooperation in the network, we are able to convert the normal pull effect into a push effect"

Jesper Sloth

Jesper Sloth

CMO at Polytech

kk wind solutions logo

KK Wind Solutions – Momentum

"The support and level of professionalism the SustainX team has provided, with knowledge, practical tools, and hands-on support and guidance, has simply been fantastic"

Kim Schmidt Petersen

Kim Schmidt Petersen

Senior Director at KK Wind Solutions

nissens logo

Nissens Cooling Solutions – Momentum

"The Momentum Network has been an interesting and enlightening journey for us"

Anders Allesø

Anders Allesø

CTO at Nissens Cooling Solutions

BSB Industry – Momentum

"The material produced in the different workstreams is easy to access, and if there are questions, one can always reach out to one of the members involved in that specific stream."

Winnie Fedders

Head of QHSE & CBI at BSB Industry

lind jensen logo

LJM – Lind Jensen – Momentum

"Our primary motivation to join a working network was to assure our main footprint and to stay a preferred supplier for OEM’s within the Green Energy industry"

Martin Andersen

CEO at LJM Lind Jensen

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