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Discover how Polar Seafood made the first step towards their first climate accounting with SustainX’s boundary-setting workshop.


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About Polar Seafood

Polar Seafood is the largest privately owned fishing company in Greenland, with 30 years of experience in the industry. Today, they are one of the world’s leading seafood suppliers from the Arctic Ocean to processors, wholesalers, caterers and retail customers.

How do you get started with your first climate account?

In a “Boundary Workshop” tailored to Polar Seafood , SustainX founder Line Amtorp Poulsen asked this very question to launch Polar Seafood’s first corporate climate accounting. The workshop set the framework for their climate accounting by determining what data and information to include in the accounting based on the questions: what is the company’s ownership structure? and where is the biggest impact potential in the company’s activities? This exercise is methodically called “boundary-setting.”

Based on these boundaries, we assisted in planning how Polar Seafood can get off to a good start with their first calculation, and how it can be used as a foundation to effectively make the calculation going forward.

About the workshop, Louise Schouv Petersen from Polar Seafood says:

“In a complex field, we have previously not felt comfortable. With SustainX’s assistance, we are now a step ahead – and most importantly, for the first time in this process, we have a clear direction and a way forward.”

At SustainX, we believe climate accounting can be the first step towards more sustainable business operations, increasing competitiveness in an era of increasing enviromental awareness. Indeed, with climate accounting, companies signal transparency and willingness for sustainable accountability.

If you’re ready to get started with your climate accounting, take a look at our Sustainability Service.


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