Amalie Bastrup-Birk

Senior ESG Advisor


Meet Amalie

Amalie holds a BA in Geology and Geoscience and an MSc. in Climate Change from Københavns Universitet – University of Copenhagen. She gained high interdisciplinary skills from her master’s degree, combining natural and social sciences approaches and the know-how to address adaptation and mitigation measures for CO2 emissions.

As Senior ESG Advisor, Amalie works with scope 3 calculations and supports our educational material development. Amalie has extensive knowledge of CO2 calculation methods and the GHG protocol, which she is great at sharing with clients and the team.

With her strong interest in climate change, Amalie is driven by climate adaptation through mitigation as a method to minimize CO2 emissions. Amalie sees vast potential in emission cuts across many industries, especially within production activities in Danish SMEs.