Jonas Priess Sørensen

Junior ESG Advisor


Meet Jonas

As Junior Advisor, Jonas helps facilitate and develop initiatives within the umbrella of our Sustainability Networks networks, especially Momentum. In the role of coordinator, he communicates externally on network activities, promotes knowledge exchange across companies, and implements the strategy defined by the network’s SteerCo.

Jonas’ passion for sustainability concerns the technologies that make markets greener and challenge old systems thinking. He finds SustainX a perfect fit for him as it is still a young company with a start-up feel. SustainX allows him to work with people with the same passion for the green transition. Supporting sustainable development for Danish SMEs and making a change for the people, planet, and profit brings Jonas great motivation.

Jonas is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in International Economic Counselling from Aarhus BSS. He sees it as an excellent opportunity to bridge the knowledge he learns in school with his new role at SustainX.