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Find out how Sky-Work used a life cycle assessment (LCA) to understand the climate impact of their service.


Rope access


Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

About Sky-Work

Sky-Work is a full-service construction company specializing in rope access. They provide nationwide services for repairs and building projects, using rope systems, which are particularly advantageous on sites that are high and difficult to access.

Can rope access help reduce CO2 EMISSIONS?

On the journey towards carbon-neutral construction sites, Sky-Work wants to position itself with its unique approach to property maintenance using rope access. In order to document the CO2 emissions of their solution, together with SustainX, Sky Work has calculated the climate impact of rope access compared to traditional solutions such as lifts with a life cycle assessment (LCA). The result shows that the climate impact of Sky-Work’s solution is significantly lower due to lower resource consumption for equipment production and less energy and fuel consumption during task execution compared to lifts.

Jeppe Graversen, Director of Sales and Marketing, comments on their work with SustainX:

“Sustainability is a broad concept and can seem very intangible. SustainX has made it simple and easy to work with, so we can implement it in our daily work.”

Moving forward, Sky-Work has the ambition to actively include ESG – Environment, Social, and Governance – as an integral part of the company’s overall strategy. The work with LCA helps them to concretize and quantify the climate impact of Sky-Work’s solutions, understand their role in the green transition, and, as a result, be able to communicate their sustainability profile.


If you want to take a closer look at the climate impact of your solutions, read more about our Sustainability Service Life Cycle Assessment here.

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