“Sustainability is a broad concept and can seem very intangible. SustainX has managed to make it simple and easy to work with, so we can implement it in our daily work.”  – Jeppe Graversen (Sales and Marketing Director)


Rope access


Carbon Footprint Assessment, Life Cycle Assessment, ESG Strategy, Materiality Assessment, Maturity Matrix

About Sky-Work

Sky-Work is a full-service construction company specializing in rope access. They provide nationwide services for repairs and building projects, using rope systems, which are particularly advantageous on sites that are high and difficult to access.

The partnership

Sky-Work is specialized in rope access according to international IRATA standards. With rope access, the company has been providing nationwide services for repairs and projects on buildings with various heights and hard-to-reach locations since 2016. Compared to lifts and scaffolding, rope access is a fast, economical and less resource-intensive alternative.

Sky-Work has the ambition to actively include ESG – Environment, Social, and Governance – as an integral part of the company’s overall strategy. With the support of SME:Grøn, Sky-Work initiated a partnership with SustainX in the spring of 2022. SustainX supports the company’s work to concretize and quantify the climate impact of Sky-Work’s solutions, understand their role in the green transition and, as a result, be able to communicate their sustainability profile.


Highlights of the work

As part of the collaboration with SustainX, Sky-Work has started implementing ESG initiatives from SustainX’s Engage to Sustain framework. These initiatives support Sky-Work’s work on the green transition and strengthen their position on the market with a differentiated ESG profile. To focus Sky-Works’ initiatives, SustainX conducted a materiality assessment and ESG maturity matrix. To this end, we have developed a roadmap with different initiatives to realize Sky-Work’s desired position as the preferred industry supplier on the path to carbon-neutral construction sites and address the materiality points identified to impact Sky-Work’s business.

Specializing in rope access, Sky-Work works to create systems that ensure buildings can be maintained with lower CO2 emissions. In order to document the carbon footprint of rope access, ensure internal improvements and external communication, SustainX supported Sky-Work in calculating the climate footprint of their service with a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). The aim of the analysis was to compare the climate impact of tasks performed with rope access with traditional solutions such as lifts. The result shows that the climate impact is significantly lower for rope access. The lower impact can be related to lower resource consumption for the production of equipment and less energy and fuel demand during task performance compared to lifts, which is the traditional solution on the Danish market. The results can be used to drive improvements internally at Sky-Work as well as to document climate-related claims.

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